Xero + MarketInvoice

A cash flow solution for your business

Connect your Xero account with MarketInvoice to quickly and easily turn your unpaid invoices into cash for your business.

Seamless connection with Xero

As you already use Xero, using MarketInvoice is quick and easy.

Apply in minutes by connecting us to your Xero account. We can automatically access the information we need to review your application, so you won’t have to upload documents manually.

Once your MarketInvoice account is set up, we’ll show you the invoices from your Xero account. All you have to do is select which invoices you wish to fund.

To learn more about what information we access from your Xero account, click here.

What We Do

At MarketInvoice, we provide easy to use cash flow solutions to help businesses grow.

We're a leading online funding platform that has funded invoices worth over £1 billion to UK businesses. We’ve partnered with Xero to help businesses like yours get the funding they need.

If you provide goods or services to other businesses on terms, you could be waiting up to 120 days for payment. That’s where we come in. We can advance up to 90% of the face value of your invoices within 24 hours.

How we work with Xero

To get your invoices funded effortlessly

Apply + Integrate with Xero

Apply online in minutes. We’ll ask you to connect us to your Xero account so that we can access the information we need to review your application. We’ll come back to you within 24 hours, and if accepted, we’ll let you know your funding limit.

Select your invoice

Simply select the invoice(s) you’d like to finance. We’ll show you how much it’ll cost.

Verify the invoice

We use an online tool called Verification Cloud to verify your invoice(s). Your customer will get an email asking them to check the details of the invoice you’ve selected. In just a few clicks, your customer reviews your invoice and you'll be notified instantly once they've verified it.

Fund your invoice

Once verified, we'll advance you up to 90% of the face value of your invoice(s) within 24 hours.

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We offer two options based on your funding needs:

  • Pay-as-you-go: you pay a service fee each time you fund an invoice

  • Contract option: if you have an ongoing need, you can save money by paying a fixed monthly service fee for an agreed period of time

For both options, there is a discount fee charged based on the funds you use and a listing fee of £15 to cover CHAPS payments.

A member of our team can help get you the most accurate and competitive rate based on your business need.

Frequently asked questions

What does MarketInvoice use the data in my Xero account for?
We use the data to get an up-to-date view of your company’s financial situation. This lets us assess your initial application and make ongoing funding decisions, such as an increase in your credit limit. We also access information about your invoices so that you don’t need to manually enter these details.
Can I apply without Xero and then link my account after?
You can do this but it will be more work for you. You’ll need to manually upload documents such as bank statements and accounts as part of the application process. If you link your Xero account, we’ll be able to automatically access this information, saving you time.
What data do you access from my Xero account?

The information we look at includes: Accounts, Bank Transactions, Bank Transfers, Contacts, Credit Notes, Invoices, Organisation, Overpayments, Prepayments, Payments, Purchase Orders, Repeating Invoices and Reports.

Please be assured that we don’t have access to your payroll, files or fixed asset information, and we work with Xero to ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Will I need to re-enter my Xero password every time I use MarketInvoice?
The link to your Xero account works for 90 days. During this time, we will periodically refresh the data in your MarketInvoice account or you can click to sync so that you have the most up-to-date information. After 90 days, you’ll need to link us to your account again.
Why should I let MarketInvoice access my data?
To save you time. The data we access is required to use MarketInvoice so if you don’t link your Xero account, you’ll need to upload this information manually instead.
What if I want to remove the MarketInvoice add-on from my Xero account?
You can do this at any time from your Xero account.
I already use MarketInvoice. Do I need to reapply to MarketInvoice using my Xero login?
No. If you are an existing customer, you can link your current MarketInvoice account to Xero here.

Eligibility Criteria

You can use MarketInvoice Select if...

You have a limited company
or LLP based in
the UK or Ireland
You have over £100,000
turnover, filed with
Companies House
You sell goods or
services to other
business on terms

Ready to take control of your cash flow?

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