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Headline statistics

Volume traded£980,774,184
Volume advanced£784,098,811
Number of trades settled15,550
Historic net yield (since inception) 10.09%
Collection rate 79.93%
Total loss (since inception)£2,653,105
Average invoice value£59,730
Average duration (days)41
As of 31st October 2016
Past returns are not necessarily a reliable indicator of future returns. For a full explanation of the calculation, click here.

Historical volume

Portfolio performance

Portfolio performance per risk band
 Band ABand BBand CTotal
Volume advanced£297,774,966£392,712,368£50,699,977£784,098,811
Volume repaid£288,658,679£381,498,575£50,043,061£752,606,798
Gross Historical yield (p.a.) - Average8.94%13.38%22.14%12.61%
Delinquency and Loss:
% Delinquent (current)0.39%0.72%0.47%0.57%
% Actual Loss (since inception)0.31%0.33%0.33%0.34%
Range of Expected Loss (p.a.)0.9% - 3.3%6.3% - 13.0%17.0% - 39.8%NA
As of 31st October 2016
All trades on the MarketInvoice platform are classified into one of ten risk-based price grades determined by MarketInvoice's proprietary underwriting model. We have aggregated these grades into three broad categories to reflect relative volatility and expected loss. The total above includes all trades which have not been placed into a price grade, therefore the total is higher than the sum of the three bands.

Portfolio performance over time
 201120122013201420152016 YTDSince inception
Volume advanced (£m)£2,910,694£28,754,948£56,322,871£174,294,644£260,914,485£256,720,507£784,098,811
Net Annualised Yield 17.35%13.62%13.01%11.94%9.14%9.07%10.09%
% Delinquent 2.32%6.49%1.60%2.57%1.40%1.94%1.69%
% Final Recovery 95.21%84.70%90.08%78.27%58.91%95.87%79.93%
% Loss0.11%0.99%0.16%0.52%0.47%0.05%0.34%
As of 31st October 2016
Delinquent trades are classified as trades that have been 45 days overdue or where the seller/debtor has gone into administration. Past default rates are not necessarily a reliable indicator of future default rates.
Investing in any investment product places your capital at risk and so does purchasing invoices through MarketInvoice. Your capital is at risk.

Cumulative delinquent / Cumulative advance

Cumulative loss / Cumulative advance

All members of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association provide statistics on historical and current delinquency and loss.

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