How MarketInvoice Pro works

Step 1

Application and indicative quote

Complete our online application or speak to one of our funding specialists. We’ll ask you for some basic details about your company and come back to you with an indicative quote within 24 hours.

The registration page
Step 2

Due diligence and funding decision

To use MarketInvoice Pro, you’ll need to connect us to your accounting software. We’ll be able to access the data that we need in order to make a funding decision within days and it also means that you don’t have to spend time each month manually uploading your accounts.

Please be assured that we only access the information needed in relation to your facility. We don’t have access to your payroll data or fixed asset information.

We support the accounting packages below.

The list of accountancy software we integrate with
The integration progess bar
Step 3

Account set up

Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll set up a bank account in your name. This account will be used to process the payments from your customers so you’ll need to let them know of your new payment details. This account is also used to pay your MarketInvoice Pro fees.

As part of the account set up process, we will ask your customers to validate the amount they have outstanding with you – this can be done completely confidentially.

The customer details screen
Step 4


Once set up, you’ll be able to log-in anytime to withdraw funds, see how much you have available and view your outstanding balance.

It’s easy to withdraw what you need, simply enter how much you need, up to your funding limit and withdraw. You’ll see the funds in your account within 3 business days.

The withdrawal screen

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