Leverage your online presence by becoming a MarketInvoice digital partner

Are you a website owner, have an active presence on social media or own a database of B2B prospects? Join the MarketInvoice Digital Partners programme, and turn this traffic into revenue.

We have CPL and revenue share models available.

The three steps to MarketInvoice Digital Partner success.

You could earn up to £100 per qualified lead.

Why become a MarketInvoice Digital Partner?

Competitive and flexible commissions

Earn up to £100 per qualified lead or 20% revenue share. Feel free to get in touch for more details about our other commission options.

Quick application process

Apply online in less than 30 seconds and our Digital Partners team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Optimised marketing materials

A digital partnership is more than a click. Let us support you with content for your audience, including case studies, optimised landing pages, banners and videos which are optimised to maximise the conversion of traffic you send us.

Dedicated digital support

We succeed when you succeed. Our dedicated digital partnerships team is here to help you with any questions you have.

Is our partnership programme right for you?

The three steps to MarketInvoice Affiliate success.

Our digital partnership programme is for website owners, social media experts, lead generation companies, email marketing agencies and database owners who have a business audience.

You can earn commissions in no time by adding our banner and link to your site. We pay per qualified lead or per lifetime client's revenue, and you'll get paid every month.

Once set up, you'll be assigned an account to a self-service platform to manage reporting, payments and creatives all from one place.

The leads we're looking for:

  • Limited or LLP companies based in the UK or Ireland
  • Businesses that are paid on terms (e.g invoices, contracts, purchase orders)
  • Businesses that sell products or services to other businesses
  • Businesses with £100,000+ turnover filed with Companies House

Got questions? Talk to us

You can get in touch with the marketing team at marketing@marketinvoice.com.