Software developer selling a social media platform to corporates

"MarketInvoice is a great solution for a new business with real growth aspiration”

Guy Flintham, founder of MyPlanet LIFE

  • Software developer selling a social media platform to large companies
  • Team of 12 based in Blackpool
  • Has used us 10 times to get funding
  • Founded in 2011 by Guy

The business

MyPlanet LIFE is a social media platform with a difference. Companies can use the software and brand it themselves to create an online business community that they are completely in control of.

The problem

Selling their software to large corporate companies, MyPlanet LIFE saw typical invoice payment terms of 45 days.

At the time, MyPlanet LIFE was an early revenue stage company, but their typical order size was substantial.

To meet these pressures, they wanted a flexible finance solution and they didn't want to sell their whole invoice ledger

"MarketInvoice are far more flexible than other invoice finance products on the market."

Guy Flintham

The solution

Guy Flintham, CEO, read about MarketInvoice in The Sunday Times and quickly understood that the flexibility of usage, terms and rates made it an attractive option for maintaining healthy cash flow - and taking control of the business.

"MarketInvoice understand what businesses need.”

Now they receive their money from invoices in less than 24 hours instead of 45 days.

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