How Contract Finance works

Contract Finance - a new way to fund your business

The problem: cash flow

You do great ongoing work for your clients on contracts, licences and retainers, but having to wait up to 12 months to see all of the money from these contracts can put a lot of strain on your business – especially when you have payroll, project costs, or other overheads to pay.

The solution: Contract Finance with MarketInvoice

With MarketInvoice you can now unlock up to 80% of the cash in your contracts, licences and retainers. No need for days of paperwork or ongoing admin - with Contract Finance you can access a sizable amount of any recurring revenue upfront, up to £1 million in 24 hours.

Gavin, founder of Fishrod, uses MarketInvoice to fund new projects for clients and grow his business.

How Contract Finance works

1. Quick online application

To get started, all you need is your company’s financial information and latest bank statements. It takes just 15 minutes to sign up; if you use online account software like Xero, Sage, or KashFlow, it takes even less time. We’ll give you a call within 15 minutes to help you get started.

2. Upload your contract(s)

Upload your contracts to sell on our online platform and state the number of payments you want advanced (up to a year). We can also help you fund your invoices, find out more.

3. Verify contracts

To check your contracts are legitimiate we use our Verification Cloud technology. Don't worry, apart from one discrete verification email, we’ll never contact your clients at all.

4. Receive funds in 24 hours

When they've been verified, we’ll sell your contracts online in one of our two daily trading sessions to our network of investors. If you trade before 12pm, you could have your money in your account by the end of the business day.

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Ian Linaker

Founder of male grooming brand Scaramouche & Fandango

“MarketInvoice has been invaluable in allowing us to liquidate cash from longer term payers and reinvest the capital to grow our business.”


Just 8-15% APR on advances of up to £1 million. This is an indicative cost and will depend on your business. Each month that payments come in reduces the outstanding balance (and therefore reduces the monthly investor fee you pay).


Upload a 12 month, £100,000 contract

Get paid £73,000 upfront in 24 hours
(75% of funds upfront minus 2% fee. We offer advances up to 80%.)

Get paid £18,000: when the balance of the advance has been paid, you get the rest of your money.
(remaining 18%)

Total fees: £9,000 (2% of the contract value plus 1.7% of remaining balance per month the advance is outstanding)

This example reflects what a typical customer would expect to pay with typical usage. To access a full cost calculator that can give you a tailored price, give us a call or sign-up here.


We love helping businesses succeed, which is why we approve around 90% of applications.


  • You have a limited company or LLP based in the UK or Ireland and 2 years trading history
  • You have £300,000+ turnover
  • Traded with the contract customer for a year (proved by POs, contract and inward payments) OR
  • Sold the same service/product successfully to different customers for at least 2 years
  • UK customers with turnover greater than £8m, OR non-UK customers with turnover greater than £50m

Accounting add-ons

MarketInvoice seamlessly integrates with leading accounting software to help you get started in minutes, and make selling invoices even easier.

Sage 50
Sage 200
Intuit Quickbooks
Microsoft Dynamics
Pegasus Opera 3
Pegasus Opera 2

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