Don't Bank On It

There are so many funding options available, how do you choose?

With everything from 'peer-to-peer' lending to 'crowdfunding' available as alternative finance sources today, which one should you choose?

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The UK Government-owned British Business Bank is funding invoices through MarketInvoice.

We've written a practical guide to alternative finance for small and medium-sized businesses who need funds for everything from working capital to cash flow support; and want flexible financing available for growth or capital investment.

For each type of finance we include an explanation of: the speed of finance, how it works, finance terms, how much it costs and more...

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This 17-page PDF includes:

  • An introduction to the alternative finance sector
  • Infographics featuring Nesta data
  • Bite-size guides to types of alternative finance, including peer-to-peer and crowdfunding

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Four steps to getting funded

Stop waiting 30-120 days to be paid and start funding payroll, new projects, and your growing business today.

1. Apply online in 15 minutes

All you need to apply is your company's financial accounts and latest bank statements. We're only a phone call away if you ever need help.

2. Add a customer

Next, add a customer to your account by searching our system. If it's not already there, just add them manually.

3. Upload your invoice

Upload your invoice and get an instant price. Unlike traditional invoice financing, we don’t ask for your whole debtor book, so you only pay when you need us.

4. Verify and get funded

Once your invoice is verified (usually in a day) we'll advance you up to 90% of the face value. You get the remaining amount once your customer pays.

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