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What is import finance?

The problem

The delays and complications associated with trading overseas can be a huge burden on a business's cash flow.

Keeping track of tariffs, freight rates and Incoterms can add extra stress and cost to importing, giving you less time to think about your finances.

Import finance specialises in overcoming these challenges, leaving working capital free to invest into growing the business.

How import finance can help

Import finance will help you to close the funding gap between an order from a UK customer placed on credit terms, and the payment demanded by your overseas supplier.

Using an import finance facility will ease the pressure on cash flow and can take care of some of the complex paperwork and procedures that come with it.

Import finance can fund up to 100% of overseas purchases; freight, duty and VAT included, all the way to the point where the UK customer pays your invoice.

​In addition to export finance, MarketInvoice also offers trade finance covering imports.


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