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Invoice finance vs business loans

If you’re looking for a business loan it’s well worth investigating whether you could turn your unpaid invoices into cash for your business, through invoice financing.

A business loan not only adds to your fixed cost base; it also adds to your business debt. With Invoice financing, you only borrow up to the amount you’re already owed. It’s funding that scales with your business growth and provides you with flexible cash flow.

Below is a table comparing invoice finance, as provided by us, with bank loans.

Business loans


You can choose the invoices you want to finance. Scales with your business.

Fixed amount added to your costs and inflexible repayment schedule.


Simple fee structure. Pay interest only on what you need.

Fixed interest rate and other hidden admin charges.


Apply online in just 15 minutes.

Lengthy application process and waiting for a decision.


Log in anytime to see your account or speak to your dedicated account manager.

Paper statements and customer service call centres.


Secured against your unpaid invoices.

Secured against your business assets, adding debt to your business.

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